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Best time (s): 654.5
Date: 2018-09-21
Progress: 100.0%
Level LayoutGlobal
Games played:2510
Games won:036
Success ratio:100.0%100.0%100.0%
Average time (s):1234.54562.67642.4
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About Mahjong Solitaire



The objective of a Mahjong Solitaire game is to remove all tiles from the board. Tiles can be removed only in pairs, as long as both tiles belong to the same class. Moreover, only available tiles can be removed. If a given tile is covered by another tile or blocked both from left and right, it is unavailable and cannot be removed. In other words, available tiles are those which can slide left or right without moving other tiles in the meantime.

There are 36 classes of tiles, containing four tiles each, which adds up to the total of 144 tiles. Most classes contain four identical tiles. The only exceptions are the class of plants and the class of seasons. Both those classes can contain four different tiles, however in some tile sets tiles even in those classes are identical.

Three pieces of advice for beginners: 1) pay attention to the board and try to unlock those tiles that you will need. 2) If you notice two tiles belonging to the same class on top of each other, prioritize removing the top tile of this pair – if you remove the remaining two tiles from this class first, you will get stuck and the game will be lost. 3) Try to maximize the number of available tiles. If you have a choice of removing a tile standing free or a tile blocking others, you should choose the latter.

Shortcut keys

NNew game – draws a new random deal.
RReplay deal – restarts the current deal.
LSelect layout – allows to select layout, difficulty level, and deal number as well as to check statistics.
OOptions – select background, tile shape and color, glyph styles, as well as other options like for example playing sounds.
AAbout Mahjong – opens this window.
ZUndo – reverses the latest move.
Ctrl+ZUndo – reverses the latest move.
HHint – highlight two tiles that can be removed in the next move, as long as such tiles exist.
SShuffle – randomizes locations of tiles that has not been yet removed from the board.
DRotate – changes the direction / isometric view of the board.
EscClose – closes currently opened dialog box or drop-down menu.
UpPress to select the previous layout in the Select Layout dialog box.
DownPress to select the subsequent layout in the Select Layout dialog box.


Mahjong Solitaire is a video game known also under the name of Shanghai or simply Mahjong. The tiles used in the game come from an ancient Chinese game with the same name (Mahjong) played by four players. The single-player version of Mahjong can be played both on a computer and with the real tiles, however the former way of playing is much more popular.

The first computer version of the game was created in 1981. However, the popularity of Mahjong Solitaire comes from a version developed by Activision studio in 1986 under the name Shanghai. The game is also available in the Windows 7 system under the name Mahjong Titans. Currently, you can get Microsoft Mahjong from the Microsoft Store.

This free online Mahjong game was created for users who do not have the game pre-installed on their computers. :-)


In the traditional difficulty level, tiles are always dealt randomly. As a result, some deals can never be won. For example, if four tiles of the same class lay on top of each other, they block each other and the deal cannot be solved.

This version of Mahjong online, in addition to the traditional difficulty level, also contains 10 difficulty levels whose deals are always solvable. Some layouts by their nature do not have easy or hard deals. In such cases, some difficulty levels are unavailable.

There are two game modes available: with convenience features and without them. Enabling convenience features allows user to undo, see hints, and shuffle tiles remaining on the board if there are no more moves available. Game statistics are kept separately for these two game modes. In order to see appropriate stats, the user has to select the appropriate game mode.

FluffyStuff glyphs have been created by FluffyStuff and are available under the Creative Commons license.

You can also read more about traditional Mahjong or check out our tutorial on how to play Mahjong Solitaire.


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Time (s): 123
Best time (s): 654.5
Date: 2018-09-21
Progress: 100.0%
Games played:2510
Games won:036
Success ratio:100.0%100.0%100.0%
Average time (s):1234.54562.67642.4
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